Four Texas Motorcyclists Killed in Fatal Auto Accident

Four people were killed in a tragic auto accident east of Dallas-Fort Worth yesterday near Canton, TX. As a Tarrant County personal injury lawyer, I am always saddened to learn of catastrophic traffic collisions. This particular crash was caused by a negligent motorist swerving into oncoming traffic, killing four motorcycle riders in the wreck. The deceased were identified as Bruce Melvin Bricker (51) and his wife, Shannon Rhenee Bricker (40), of Highland Village; Steve Austin Claterbaugh (53) of Rowlett; and his girlfriend Kathleen Dolores Smith (52) of Wylie.

The driver responsible for the wreckage was identified as Jose Luis Peña (31) of Rosharon, near Houston. Peña's girlfriend, Rosalind Ann Vela (31), who was riding in the rear seat of the vehicle suffered serious facial fracture injuries in the collision and was transported to a Tyler hospital for emergency medical treatment. Vera's three-year-old son was riding in a car seat in Peña's car but is reportedly unharmed. Peña has been arrested and charged with four counts of criminally negligent homicide. He is currently being held at the Van Zandt County Jail. Bail has been set at $2 million. Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

The police must have some evidence that this was more than an accident. Why in the world did he swerve? Was it intentional? Whatever the real reason, it is just tragic that this occurred. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these victims.
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