3 Exaggerations that Will Ruin Your Car Wreck Case

Fort Worth man injured after car wreck

Auto accidents are a big deal. It’s a moment that will leave you thankful for your life. And yet, they should never turn into a fish story. Exaggerating the incident, your injuries or your ability to work will always come back to haunt you.


You should never overstate what happened at the scene of the wreck to try and skew the claim in your favor. Between the police report, intersection cameras, eye witnesses and an official investigation, the truth will come out in the end.


Some people try to overstate their pain in order to increase the value of their claim. It never works. Not only is this illegal, but doctors can tell the difference between legitimate complaints and fibbers. They have an innate ability to detect someone who’s lying, and they won’t tolerate it. If a doctor catches you exaggerating your injuries, they’ll note their suspicions in your medical records, which spells big trouble for your claim.


 Under no circumstances should you fib and say that you’re unable to do your job in order to get more time off. It’s illegal, and it will backfire every time. Insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to follow and videotape injured parties. If you’re claiming you can’t do your job because it requires bending, but your caught pulling weeds in your front yard, it will come back to haunt you. 


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