7 Serious Questions to Ask When Hiring an Accident Lawyer

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When you’re injured because of someone else’s dumb, reckless actions, there’s no doubt you’ll want to recover the damages you deserve. And yet, how can you find someone – really find someone – who’s going to fight for and recover all you’ve lost?

Does your lawyer have experience and the right kind of resources?

You want to hire someone with experience – that much is obvious. A lawyer with years of personal injury experience is going to handle your case with the knowledge and finesse that a rookie lacks. But what about a lawyer’s resources, like an office, staff and connections? They’re just as important.

How’s their track record?

Experience alone isn’t enough – a good lawyer must back up experience with success. Look at attorneys’ track records. Do they have a history of favorable verdicts? Have they won cases similar to yours?

What’s their reputation like?

Check websites like AVVO, Thumbtack or Google Review to see how an attorney is rated by other clients and lawyers.

Do they return your calls?

This is a big one. You won’t be satisfied if you work with a lawyer who’s either too busy or too nonchalant to take your calls seriously. A good lawyer will be able to balance their busy schedule. They won’t take on more cases than they can handle so as to devote enough time to their clients.

How’s the staff?

When you choose a lawyer, you choose their staff as well. These professionals will have a heavy hand in your case, ordering records, scheduling dispositions and more. Observe the staff to see if they’re efficient, helpful and professional.

Are they honest?

And if not, how can you tell? Look for a lawyer who speaks openly about your case and who isn’t afraid to let you know where the challenges lie.

Do you feel comfortable working with them?

You shouldn’t feel intimidated by your lawyer – you two are a team. Some cases take time to resolve, so it’s vital that you get along well with your lawyer, that you trust them, and that you can be open and honest with them. 

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