Auto Accidents Occurring in Adverse Weather Conditions

As a Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I know that the potential for a serious car, truck or motorcycle wreck to occur increases significantly in adverse weather. In ice or heavy rain, for example, the roads become slick and slippery. In fog or sleet, visibility becomes poor.


According to TxDOT, there were a total of 416,870 statewide crashes in 2012 that were at least in part attributable to adverse weather conditions including blowing dust, sand or smoke, clouds, fog, rain, severe crosswinds, sleet, hail, and snow.


As a Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident attorney, I know that the following adverse weather conditions are also extremely common throughout Texas and are often factors in car, truck and motorcycle crashes:

  • rain
  • floods
  • sleet
  • hail
  • snow
  • ice
  • fog
  • thunderstorms
  • lightning
  • tornadoes
  • high winds
  • extreme heat
  • sun glare


Unfortunately, if you find yourself driving in any of these adverse weather conditions, chances are you'll encounter other motorists on the road. Many times, it is other drivers who pose a much greater risk to your safety than the weather or the condition of the roads.


Some drivers will inevitably be blasé regardless of the extreme weather, and they will continue to drive just as recklessly as they would under normal circumstances. Others are simply inexperienced at driving in certain conditions, and will make needless errors which could prove fatal. Still other drivers will overcompensate, and create additional hazards for other drivers.


Each of these types of dangerous drivers has the potential to cause a wreck. In each situation, their negligence means that they are just as much to blame as the weather. Therefore, they are at fault, and this means that you have a legal right to make a claim for compensation against them with the aid of a board certified FW personal injury lawyer.

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