How Much Is My Benbrook Truck Accident Case Worth?

Determining the value of any truck accident case can be difficult, but it is especially tricky with large, commercial truck accident cases. What makes it more difficult? Well, because the injuries are usually greater, there can be many different insurance policies involved and there are specific and complex laws that pertain to the trucking industry.  There are just more variables involved in 18-wheeler accident case and no Benbrook truck accident case is like the other.

Here are some of the things the semi-truck wreck lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm look at to determine a case value:

  • Who was at fault - an 18-wheeler accident caused by a drunk truck driver will be given a higher value than if they were sober at the time of impact. Also, if the truck driver violated any state or federal law in driving his vehicle, then a higher value will be given
  • Seriousness of injuries - Will you need future medical treatment or have you been permanently injured? When evaluating a claim's worth future damages must be accounted for.
  • Lost wages- these are sometimes easy to prove, but oftentimes are difficult and extensive examination needs to take place if the injured party is self-employed, commission based or is compensated in some way other than on a straight hourly basis.
  • Pain and suffering - this is a very broad and important category. This can mean experiencing a lack of sleep, loss in marital relations or any mental anguish like depression or anxiety due to your accident. It is sometimes obvious, but sometimes needs to be explained in detail by the injured party or by those closest to him or her.
  • What county will the case be tried in if not settled outside of court - juries in some counties are more sympathetic to injury victims than others

If you want to talk over your Benbrook truck accident with a top-rated personal injury law firm in DFW, contact the Anderson Law Firm today to schedule a free case consultation.

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