How to Hire the Best Attorney for Your Injury Case in Fort Worth, Texas

If you have been hurt in a car or motorcycle accident in Ft. Worth, chances are you are looking for the best lawyer for your case.  So, how do you go about hiring the best lawyer for your personal injury case?

First of all, you need to look for a specialist; you need somebody that does injury work and only injury work.  You don’t need somebody that handles DWI or writes wills or forms corporations.  There’s all kind of lawyers out there.  You need one that is a specialist in injury law. 

You also need to look for an attorney that is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  There are over 80,000 lawyers in the state of Texas and only 2% of those lawyers are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law.  It doesn’t cost a bit more to hire a board certified lawyer either and will benefit your case in the long run. 

Another thing that you need to do is go to the attorney's office and meet the lawyer and his or her staff. You need to make sure you’re comfortable with the lawyer.  Make sure this is the lawyer for you.  There are a lot of lawyers out there and you will have plenty to choose from, so make sure that you’re comfortable with that lawyer.  You need to sit down with the lawyer, hear what the plan is for your case.  This would usually take place in what’s called a free consultation.  At the Anderson Law Firm, we don’t charge for the first meeting.

You need to ask questions and get straight forward answers.  When someone is hiring an attorney, they should take the job seriously.  Look at the attorney’s website and see if he or she provides information or they’re just trying to yell the loudest and scream the loudest. 

To find the best lawyer for you, also look into lawyer ratings, such as the century old Martindale Hubbell ratings service. A newer service is called AVVO. Both of these services allow you to look at lawyers ratings, where you can compare lawyers.

If you have questions and you want to see if I’m the right attorney for you, just give us a call.

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