Be Smart About Your Burleson Car Wreck Claim

These days if you're driving through Burleson during rush hour, it's almost rare that you don't see a car accident. Interstate 35 South runs right through the city and thousands of motorists use this highway to get to and from work every day. Most car accidents in Burleson are minor fender benders that can be settled without the need for an attorney. But when your wreck was caused by another person and your injuries are serious, you should definitely consult with a Burleson car accident lawyer to make sure that you are being treated fairly.

Where Burleson Car Accident Victims Go Wrong

At the Anderson Law Firm, we know that the days and weeks after your car accident are incredibly stressful. You could be hurt, out of work and out of a vehicle-all the while getting  hassled by the other driver's insurance company. Our accident and injury attorneys have handled thousands of car accident cases and during that time, we've seen where car wreck victims go wrong. Don't ruin your Burleson car accident claim - avoid doing the following.


Forget to take pictures of your injuries or discard of any useful evidence
- Accident and injury attorneys use photos and other evidence to prove your accident injuries and that the other driver is at fault. Although we will take photos of your scarring, bruising and any other injuries that are noticeable, some of the best pieces of evidence are the ones obtained right after the car wreck.

Be discouraged from seeking medical treatment
- If you're hurt, you're hurt. If you feel unusual pain or discomfort after your accident, go to the doctor. Delaying your medical treatment will only hurt you and your family more in the end - especially if you intend to pursue a claim against the driver that hit you. So many of our Burleson car crash clients thought they were fine immediately after their wreck, only to be in agony weeks later.

Give a recorded statement -
Wait until you have consulted with an car accident lawyer in Burleson before giving a recorded statement. What you do or don't say matters big time in your personal injury claim. By consulting with an injury attorney, you'll be more prepared and know what to say so that things won't be turned against you later.

Settle quickly -
Burleson car wreck victims often don't realize the severity of their injuries until months or even years after they are hurt. Once you accept an offer from the insurance company - that's it. You can't get any more compensation from them, even if your injuries get much worse and you rack up even more medical bills later.

After Your Burleson Car Accident, Order Our Free Book "15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case"

At the Anderson Law Firm, we offer a free book written by Board Certified personal injury attorney, Mark Anderson, to anyone interested in learning more about the accident claims process. If you want to learn more about your Burleson car accident claim, order your free book today or call us at 817-294-1900 to set up a free case consultation with one of our top-rated personal injury lawyers.

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