What happens in a civil trial over a car wreck case?

The Fort Worth personal injury attorneys are experienced in negotiating offers with insurance companies in order to settle our client’s accident claims. But our lawyers are also just as experienced taking the cases of our clients to court, where the final decision will be in the hands of a jury. The following is a simple explanation of what happens in the civil trial of a car accident case in Tarrant County.

When Car Accident Cases Go To Court
If your case goes to court, the first step in the process will be selecting a jury of your peers to hear your case. You attorney and the insurance companies attorney will go through the voir dire process until a jury is decided upon by both sides.

After that, each lawyer will make their opening statements to the jury and begin presenting their evidence. In car accident cases, evidence can include the testimonies from witnesses and experts like accident reconstructionists or doctors. The plaintiff, the person bringing the claim, may testify or they may not. That will be a decision the plaintiff’s attorney will have to go over with their client.

After all the evidence has been decided and the attorneys from both sides have made their final statements, it will be up to the jury to award damages. Jury deliberations can go on for any amount of time. Some juries can decide in a matter of minutes and some can take hours. It all depends on the jury and the amount of evidence that has been presented. Once the jury makes a decision the case is over.

A Solid Record of Trying Accident Cases
The Anderson Law Firm has a record of success in representing accident victims in court. Although not every case requires trial or even for a lawsuit to be filed, some do. If you are interested in reading what our past clients have to say about our legal services, visit our testimonials page. The attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm welcome the victims of car accidents in Fort Worth and Dallas to take advantage of our free case consultations. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a top-rated Fort Worth injury lawyer, contact us today.

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