Injured While Working For the Railroad? How to Pick the Best Doctor

If you have been injured while working for an interstate railroad company such as BNSF (Burlington Northern) or UP (Union Pacific) it is important that you seek appropriate medical care. Although your railway employer will probably encourage you to seek treatment from a company-appointed doctor, as board certified workplace injury Fort Worth lawyers we feel it is important that you understand that you are not legally obligated to see the company doctor.


When you have been injured on the job for a train or railroad company, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). If you have been seriously injured, then you might be entitled to significant damages. The company doctor is paid to either get you back to work as soon as possible or to play down the severity of your injuries. Whatever your personal situation is – it is a good idea to seek an impartial and unbiased doctor who can objectively assess your injuries to ensure that you receive the most appropriate medical treatment.


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Managing Your Medical Care

Another benefit to seeing a doctor who is not employed by your negligent employer is that the full extent of your injuries can be properly and thoroughly documented. This is critical in case you do decide to pursue an injury claim against your employer later on. Remember, a railroad company doctor will not document the full extent of your injuries as thoroughly as an independent physician.


If your injuries could potentially result in long-term disability, it is especially important to seek unbiased medical care in order to make sure you receive the most appropriate medical care necessary to minimize the potential for ongoing physical limitations later on in life. Since some of the most frequently-reported railroad worker injuries include hearing loss, back and neck injuries, chemical/toxic exposure, shoulder and knee injuries, and amputations, it is incredibly important that you get the best medical care available to you outside of your employer’s recommended doctor.


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