Speeding Accidents: How to Claim Compensation

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I know that driving at unsafe speeds is one of the leading causes of traffic collisions not just in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but throughout Texas.


Excessive speeding is particularly dangerous when several vehicles are traveling at high speeds all at once. If one of the vehicles brakes suddenly, then all the other cars and trucks are likely to crash right into the back of them in a catastrophic chain reaction causing a massive pile up. Despite the presence of state troopers and other speed cops on the major freeways in and around Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout Texas, speed-related collisions remain very common indeed. In fact, it might be argued that the presence of such traffic law enforcement officers could actually make the problem of speed-related car wrecks even worse as speeding motorists are liable to slam on their brakes whenever they see a cop up ahead in order to avoid being caught. This in turn could cause other vehicles to crash into the back of them.


Driving Too Slowly is Dangerous Too

As a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I know that it is not just driving too fast that is dangerous – driving too slowly can also be dangerous too. In fact, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were more than six times as many auto accidents attributed to driving unsafely under the posted speed limit than there were to driving in excess of it.


In its Crash Contributing Factors Report for Statewide Crashes in 2011, TxDOT reports that “Speeding – Unsafe (under the limit)” was cited as the cause of 21,343 motor vehicle accidents in 2011; 390 of which were fatal. By comparison, “Speeding – (over the limit)” was cited in only 3,477 traffic wrecks; 250 of which were fatal.


Driving too slowly is dangerous because your vehicle becomes an unexpected hazard to other vehicles traveling in the same direction as you. If most drivers are driving at 60 mph and you are driving at 30 mph, other drivers have to either slam on their brakes to avoid hitting you, or try to move into another lane of traffic. Motorists who drive too slowly at unsafe speeds don’t simply risk the safety of other road users – they put themselves at their passengers at risk.


Claiming Compensation for Speeding Accidents

As stated above, speeding accidents can bring disastrous consequences. Not only is the victim of the car accident left with injuries, the at-fault driver can be left with the same types of injuries as well. Because of the general setting surrounding speeding accidents, many times the victim is left with having to take time off work to treat for their injuries, which in turn results in lost wages, not to mention the increasing amount of medical bills after every visit to the doctor. This is why claiming compensation is very important: victims of speeding car accidents can claim compensation for their accident-related expenses.

Many times car accident victims choose to battle the at-fault driver's insurance company on their own. Sometimes they are successful, but the majority of the time we see that victims have been given very low settlement offers and are left with a fraction of what they could have potentially received. This is due to several reasons. First, insurance companies and their adjusters do not want to give money to accident victims. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and multiplying their investments. To give accident victims compensation would mean to lose profit, which is why they use a variety of tactics to prevent giving victims the compensation they actually deserve. Secondly, insurance companies have a legal team of their own that is made up of experienced lawyers fighting on their side- not the accident victim. These lawyers often time use legal terminology and other technical words to make the accident victims confuse and accept forms that they would otherwise not accept.

Furthermore, when car accident victims choose to take on the insurance company, they do not have enough or proper evidence to win a trial. This is where hiring a personal injury attorney makes sense. An experienced personal injury attorney, such as those found in the Anderson Law Firm, know exactly what evidence to use in a trial and how to use it in order to win a potential case. Even more, the insurance company's legal team does not always expect for the accident victim to hire a legal team of their own. Insurance companies know that personal injury attorneys will not fight until their clients receive the compensation they deserve, which is why they pay when they have to. Finally, personal injury attorneys represent their clients in court, which is extremely helpful to the accident victim because they fight for their client's rights and do not end until their case has been won.


If you or someone you have has been injured in a Fort Worth car wreck resulting from someone else driving at an unsafe speed, make sure that you speak with a board certified personal injury and wrongful death lawyer before attempting to resolve your claim on your own. Contact us today at 817-717-4731 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!


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