Making a Claim For Scars, Lacerations and Facial Disfigurement

Victims of Dallas-Fort Worth car wrecks and other accidents can suffer a multitude of different injuries from broken bones to spinal injuries. If you're lucky, your wounds will heal over time. However, many times serious injuries will result in lacerations which can leave significant scars which will never completely heal. Such disfigurements can cause additional mental and emotional anguish above and beyond the physical pain and suffering you have already endured. As a result, your personal injury attorney may be able to seek additional compensation in such circumstances.

Scarring is a natural part of the body's healing process, although the severity of the injury can affect the significant of the resulting scar. If the cut to the skin is only slight, for example, then the scar will likely be rather insignificant. When the wound is deeper and the think inner layer of skin called the dermis is damaged, than more pronounced scarring is common. Scars caused by lacerations of the skin are extremely common in traffic collisions and dog bite attacks, but they can occur in a variety of different accidents. Burns and scalds can result in scarring, for example, and industrial dermatitis is a common work-related injury where employees exposed to hazardous chemicals suffer residual scarring or pock marks as a result of these abrasive liquids.

If you have hired an experienced personal injury attorney for your case, most likely they will want to delay settling the case until the full scope of your injuries and any resultant scarring can be properly assessed by a medical professional. Only then can the true value of your case - including any potential future medical expenses - be accurately determined.

While most scars might never entirely heal, there are medical procedures which might be appropriate depending on your unique situation. Skin grafts are very common treatments in burn injury cases, for example, but other treatments include laser therapy or other plastic therapy procedures. Such options are best disused with a medical professional however, and in most cases your lawyer will be able to recommend a doctor who has experience in treating injuries similar to your own.

It is important that you seek legal advice if you have suffered scarring as a result of someone else's negligence as soon as possible following the accident. While many injury victims will never completely get over their catastrophic experiences, facial scars and disfigurements are a constant physical reminder of the pain and suffering you have endured.

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