Be Seen: Use Your Motorcycle’s Brake Lights

Since I first started defending the rights of injured motorcyclists as a Texas personal injury lawyer in 1991, I've lost count of the number of times a negligent motorist used the excuse of "I didn't see them" to try and explain why they'd crashed into my client. The sad thing is, most of the time, drivers of cars and trucks really don't look out for bikes, so it's no wonder that they fail to see them until it's too late. Even commercial truck drivers who are professionals by trade often don't show the proper care and awareness of motorcycles.

While it's easy to blame other road users for the high number of fatal motorcycle accidents in Dallas-Fort Worth, no motorcyclist ever wants to be injured in a wreck in the first place. Therefore, motorcyclists should take every precaution possible to avoid being hurt while riding the roads. This can be accomplished by several common sense methods such as always wearing a helmet even though the law doesn't compel you to, always following all traffic laws and never ever riding drunk.

Believe it or not, your brakes are actually one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal when it comes to avoiding a fatal highway collision.

Experienced motorcycle riders should be adept at noticing potential hazards before they reach them - and getting out of harm's way if possible. Expert use of your brakes is critical if another vehicle suddenly enters the roadway from a side road or a parking lot without warning.

As a motorcycle injury attorney, I would also advise all motorcyclists to get into the habit of covering their brakes whenever you approach an intersection. If you do this every time, it will soon become an engraved habit. This will give you a precious extra couple of seconds if you ever need to make an emergency stop. Braking slightly can also benefit you because it will warm up your brakes in case you do need to stop, but the flashing of your brake lights will also signal as a warning to any cars following behind you and remind them to brake, so they don't crash into the back of you. The Department of Transport also recommends using your brakes and tail lights whenever slowing down as opposed to simply releasing your throttle so that you are sending a clear signal to other vehicles around you. Since many of them probably weren't paying attention to you in the first place, your brake lights could quite literally be a life saver.

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