Dangerous Extendable Trailers on Texas Highways

I think that many people can agree that one of the scariest things you'll ever see on a Texas highway is modular homes being moved on a truck. Modular homes have no other way to be transported than with an extendable trailer. Just as you may be thinking right now, a road trip with an actual house on the trailer does not always end well for everyone involved. Other items that are typically seen on an extendable trailer are aircraft parts or timber.


An extendable trailer is a flatbed that has a beam going along the middle of the trailer so the load surface can extend, which allows for larger loads. A special permit is normally required, as well as a lead and follow car. Driving an extendable trailer with these materials requires a lot of focus and skill to drive carefully. The drivers in the lead and follow cars must also be very aware of the road surroundings so that they can avoid any potential wrecks.


The danger isn't so much with the drivers as it is with the items that are being transported. Things such as aircraft parts, timber, and even these modular homes must be expertly fastened in. They must endure highways, bumps in the road, and bad weather. If they are loose in any way, there is a huge possibility that these items could slide or fall off into the road.


Timber especially has caused serious injuries when dropped onto roadways. Cars begin to swerve, or the timber itself can go through windshields and cause fatalities. These trailers may possibly be the most dangerous of them all because of how much trust is put into the person and the materials used to fasten the transported items.


Truck accident injury lawyers like myself see way too many injuries involving extendable trailers. These drivers must be more skilled, qualified, and alert than a typical semi-truck driver. If an everyday driver sees one of these extendable trailers on the road, try to drive at a reasonable distance away from them. If you can prevent an accident by doing just that, you may be saving yourself from a headache of a personal injury claim.


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