Be Very Careful With Insurance Adjusters: They Want To Make An Offer And Close The Case ASAP

I have had many people call me and explain they were involved in a car accident in Fort Worth, TX. They explain to me that an insurance adjuster offered them some money to settle their car collision case. Sometimes the offer is $500, sometimes it is a few thousand dollars. Then the insurance adjuster will often say or are you going to let some personal injury lawyer settle your case and take all of your money. Insurance adjusters say this to intimidate you and try to get you to settle as soon as possible.

Let’s say that you accept their "low ball" offer and two months down the road you need a surgery. Well, I have bad news for you; there is nothing you can do if you have already accepted their offer. I have even started seeing one insurance company (Progressive) start asking for "verbal" releases--they get your to sign your life away on the phone and don't even mess with a written release. Whether those are enforceable is another story.

Keep in mind that you have plenty of time to deal with insurance adjusters. For example in the State of Texas the statute of limitations means that you have two years to file a lawsuit. There is no rush, so wait until your injuries have healed until you starttalking settlement. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible and close the case as soon as possible. They want the case closed before you speak to a lawyer about your legal rights.

Here is my offer to you. If you have been involved in an accident in Fort Worth and have been given an offer by the insurance company, call me at 817-294-1900 and I will talk to you about your car wreck case for free. The insurance offer might sound good. It might be--or it might be really low. A lot of factors go into evaluating a case's value.  I will review your case and let you know what I think of their offer.. There is no way I am going to charge you even a penny to sit down and talk about your case. The call is free and there is no obligation.


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