Dallas-Fort Worth Motorcycle Wrecks Caused by Distracted Drivers


Distracted driving comes in many forms, such as eating and drinking, smoking, disciplining children in the back seat, or riding with a pet in your lap. By far the most notorious is using a cellphone while behind the wheel.


As a Fort Worth personal injury and wrongful death attorney, I know that anything which distracted your attention away from the road ahead is a big problem. Even if it’s just for a split second, it could prevent you from safely reacting to a potential hazard.


The safety of motorcyclists is particularly at risk given the rise of distracted driving. Far too many times while working for an injured motorcyclist I have questioned the driver at fault for the wreck, only to hear the same excuse; they didn’t see the biker until it was too late. I’ve heard it time and time again. The sad truth is that most motorists simply don’t watch out for motorcycles while driving. If the driver was using their cellphone or was otherwise distracted, then the chance that they will fail to notice a motorcyclist is all the more likely.


Distracted driving is dangerous. There are no arguments about that. It not only jeopardizes the safety of all other road users, but also the safety of the distracted driver themselves (and any other passengers they may have). Unfortunately, it is not illegal throughout the state of Texas, although some cities like Arlington are implementing their own local bans on texting while driving.


Regardless, all forms of distracted driving are regarded as negligence, so if you have been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle accident caused by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to considerable compensation.


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