Don’t Jeopardize Your Own Personal Injury Claim: Be Careful What you Put Online

If you have been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth traffic accident and are making a claim for compensation against the negligent driver's insurance company - you be aware of things which could jeopardize your personal injury claim. Attorney Mark Anderson is a board certified Tarrant County personal injury lawyer and author of the book 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case. To schedule a free no obligation consultation on your personal situation please call toll free at 800-354-MARK (6275) or call locally in Fort Worth at 817-294-1900 or Dallas at 214-327-8000.

After you've been injured in an accident, chances are you're going to spend a considerable amount of time out of work, either in the hospital or recovering at home. Aside from being both physically and emotionally draining, it can also be a very boring time so you find ways to distract yourself with daytime TV, books and wasting away hours on Facebook.

The problem is, as a personal injury victim, Facebook is not your friend. No social networking site is.


Don't get me wrong, I think social media is great. Facebook and Twitter are fantastic, and I'm looking forward to learning about Google+ too. But if you're seeking a claim for compensation for your injuries it's best to abstain for a while. Of course that's easier said than done, but insurance companies now make it common practice to dig up dirt on you wherever they can, and your Facebook account is no exception.

Even if you think you have privacy protection set at the highest level, things still have a way of becoming visible online so it's best not to post any status updates or photos regardless of whether you think it's related to your claim or not. You never know what innocent post or image could be twisted by the insurance adjustor and used against you. It's also important that you are vigilant about what your friends post on your wall, or any photos that they tag you in. Assume that everything is visible to anyone.

If you want an idea of how much information about yourself is available on the internet, you should try Googling yourself and see what you come up with. And if you think that's scary imagine what the trained professional investigators at the insurance company might come up with!

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