FELA Law Information for Injured Texas Railroad Employees

Despite the fact that you are a loyal railroad employee and that you get along well with your supervisor, make no mistake that once you have suffered an injury while at work, you will be considered a liability by your employer.


Dealing With Your Employer After a Railroad Accident Injury

Railroad and train companies understand FELA and the implications of such a claim being made against them. In short, it could cost them a lot of money. In order to protect your legal entitlements, you should retain the services of an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth railroad FELA lawyer at the earliest opportunity.


When you are injured on the job, a claim agent working for your employer will be assigned to your case. Many times, they will reach out to you before you have had an opportunity to speak with an attorney. You must understand that this claim agent is employed by the railroad and it is their job to minimize the amount of compensation paid to you – regardless of how insufficient that might be for you and your family.


Beware of the Railroad or Train Industry Accident Claim Agent

Never give the claim agent a written or recorded statement of any kind. If they require you to fill out an incident report, you should be as thorough as possible and list out all injuries that you are aware of at that time, regardless of how minor or inconsequential you might believe them to be. You should also clearly explain what the railroad did wrong to cause your injuries. Make sure that you get an accurate copy of this accident report if you do complete one.


We also recommend that you let your coworkers know that you have been injured, and gather names, phone numbers and addresses of all witnesses. If you have a phone with a camera, take pictures of the site where the accident occurred – or get someone else to take photos for you. Finally, it is advisable that you contact both your union representative and a local FELA lawyer immediately.


Free Consultation with a FELA Attorney

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