A Perfect Fit: Make Sure Your Child’s Bike Helmet Is the Right Size

Most parents wouldn't dare let their kids ride their bikes without a helmet, but did you know that just putting on the helmet is only half the battle? To get the safety benefit of wearing the helmet, you have to make sure it correctly fits your child, too. A properly fitted bike helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent! The Fort Worth accident and injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm want to keep your kids safe, so follow these steps when gearing up your children for their next bike ride:

  1. Measure your child's head to get the right size helmet and make sure it doesn't wobble side to side.
  2. Check the helmet's position on their head. It should be low on your forehead-one or two finger-widths above your eyebrow.
  3. The left buckle of the helmet straps should go under their chin.
  4. Side straps should make a "V" shape around the ears.
  5. Tight the chin strap so that no more than one or two fingers can fit between it and your child's chin.
  6. Conduct a final fitting on the helmet. Does the helmet rock back and forth or side to side? Is it sitting the correct way on your child's forehead? Re-check the tightness of all the straps and lock them in place if possible. Move the helmet padding around so everything fits the way it should.

Helmet PositionBucklesSide StrapChin StrapFinal Fitting

Helmets are the most effective way to prevent head injuries resulting from bicycle crashes

Bike helmets can protect your head and brain-but only if you wear it every time you ride a bicycle! If you and your kids are going to ride a bike, it's kind of a no brainer to put on a helmet. More kids (ages 5-14) go to the hospital for bicycle accident injuries than with any other sport. Plus, if your kids aren't wearing a bike helmet in Texas, they could be breaking the law.

Cities like Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas Have Strict Helmet Laws

Although there is no federal law in the U.S. requiring bicycle helmets, cities in DFW have strict helmet laws, especially Dallas. Look at the chart below and see what your cities helmet laws are.
  • Arlington - ages 18 and under must wear bike helmets        
  • Bedford - ages 16 and under must  wear bike helmets
  • Benbrook - ages 17 and under must wear bike helmets                   
  • Coppell - ages 15 and under must wear bike helmets
  • Dallas - all bike riders must wear helmets
  • Fort Worth ages - 18 and under must wear bike helmets
  • Southlake - ages 15 and under must wear bike helmets
Bicycle accidents can happen at any time, but if you use caution and make sure everyone in your family is wearing a helmet, your risk of injury greatly decreases. When the worst happens and you need legal representation, call the child accident and injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth for help. For a free, no obligation case review, call 817-294-1900.

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