Bicycle Accidents And Children

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In America, more than 70% of children aged 5-14 year olds ride bicycles and the activity is certainly popular among kids in Fort Worth, especially in the suburbs of Edgecliff Village, Sansom Park and North Richland Hills. Since they are too young to drive, bicycles are many children's main mode of transportation meet up with their neighborhood friends, but there is a danger if parents don't take the proper precautions. As a Tarrant County child injury attorney I have handled many different cases where a child was hurt in a driveway or near their home, simply because of someone else's negligence. Since kids rely on their bicycles so they can get around independently, they account for 21% of all bicycle-related deaths and nearly 50% of all bicycle-related injuries.

A properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of bicycle-related brain injuries by as much as 88%. Encouraging your child to wear a helmet, even if it's considered "dorky", may save their life. A child without a helmet is fourteen times more likely to suffer a fatal crash than one who wears a helmet.

Encourage your children to wear a helmet and ride their bikes on a sidewalk, rather than cycle on a busy street. Not only does riding in the road create a danger for your child, it also may cause distracted drivers to swerve and hit other drivers. Also be sure you know where they are going at all times, so that you know they are not taking treks down any dangerous roads.
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