Why NOT to Deal With Insurance Companies on Your Own

When you’re injured in an auto accident here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, a lot of things are probably going through your head. You’re wondering if your car insurance will go up. You’re worried about repairing your car. If you’re injured, you’re focused on taking the necessary steps to recover from your injury. When most people are injured, it isn’t a natural impulse to call a lawyer immediately; it’s to attempt to resolve the issue without involving legal counsel.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why it’s a bad idea to try to deal directly with insurance companies.

  1.  Insurance companies undervalue your case. Insurance companies always, always undervalue your personal injury case. It’s in the handbook. It’s in the training. The first thing an insurance company does when confronted with a personal injury case is to make a lowball offer. Most people who resolve it own their own settle for far less than their case is worth.
  2.  Claims specialists know that people don’t know their rights. Insurance claims adjusters understand that the average person doesn’t know their rights when it comes to a personal injury case. Some of the things that insurance companies do skate the boundary between ethical and unethical, and they count on the fact that people don’t know enough to insist on getting their rights.
  3. You don’t have the necessary knowledge to negotiate effectively. How do you know f the offer to resolve you injury case is below fair value? Most people don’t know how fair value is determined. It is based on a lot of factors, including recent jury verdicts on similar cases. 
  4.  Documenting damages effectively is a vital part of the process. Your damages are the backbone of your personal injury case. You must document them effectively to show the insurance company why you deserve the settlement you deserve. Most people don’t know how to effectively document their medical expenses, lost wages, damages to their personal life and their pain and suffering, and insurance companies take advantage of that fact.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations:

The Anderson Law Firm offers free case evaluations to all persons injured in Texas as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether it be injuries sustained in a car wreck, truck accident or motorcycle wreck, or other accident related injury. Also, we only take cases on with a contingent contract, which means we are only paid IF and WHEN we win the case for our client. To talk to us about your accident related injury, please call us in Dallas at 214-327-8000, in Fort Worth at 817-294-1900 or across Texas at 877-294-1115.

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