Don’t Give the Insurance Adjuster Too Much Information

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident in the Fort Worth, Texas area, you are probably dealing with an insurance adjuster. At our law firm, we deal with insurance adjusters all of the time and have learned a few things on the best way to handle a car accident injury claim. Here are two of the biggest don’ts when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters after an auto wreck:


Don't provide the adjuster a recorded statement. They always say they need the recording but they rarely do. They will tell you that they need the recording in order to investigate liability or responsibility for the accident, but in actual fact it’s because they want to ask you leading questions which will undermine your case.


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Secondly, don't sign a medical authorization. The car insurance adjuster does not have the right to look into a lifetime of your medical records. It is wrong and invasive – but the insurance companies request this information all the time. The reason they do so is that they hope they will find something in your past that they can blame your current injuries on. Instead, you should obtain the records yourself and, provide the records that are relevant to the claim and that support your claim – but be sure not to submit your records and bills to the insurance company until you are completely done with your claim.


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