What Really Does a "Free Consultation" Really Mean?

If you have been injured in the Tarrant County, Texas area in a car accident or have been hurt as a result of someone else
s negligence, then you have probably noticed that every personal injury lawyer in the phonebook or on the internet talks about a free consultation. I dont know how other injury lawyers handle their free consultations, but here is how we do things: All you have to do is call and tell us what your problem is. We will go through your situation and we will give you our thoughts as to whether you have a claimor answer whatever your legal question may be.  If you want to set up an in person meeting with our Board Certified Injury Lawyer Mark Anderson, then well set up a meeting.  Theres no charge for this and there is absolutely no obligation. 

So what happens at the meeting? You bring all your documents in, we go through your situation thoroughly depending on what kind of accident it was, we find out about your medical care and we tell you what your options are.  If your situation meets our criteria, we will offer you a contract for legal services. If you want to hire us, fantastic.  If not, then youre free to go your way.  Theres no charge for this consultation and we would be glad to meet you and have the chance to hear about your specific issue.