College Football and Injury Claims: Believe it or not, they are similar

To me, fall means college football. This year, living in Fort Worth, it’s hard not to root for TCU’s football team. Interestingly, there is a direct parallel between the journey in college football and the process of personal injury cases.

The Right Players

TCU’s success starts with their recruiting. Similar to how Coach Patterson has to search for the right players, personal injury victims have to search for the right lawyer. Trying to find the right attorney for you can be a very stressful and frustrating experience. There are a lot of attorneys out there—and all of them tell you they are the best. But for injury victims, it is important to not just choose the closest attorney to you (mistake!), but choose one who best fits you and your particular legal matter. It makes sense to choose a Board Certified Lawyer.

The Work Must Be Done

So TCU has its new, star recruits and it’s looking towards an undefeated season, what now?  Now it’s time for practice and the hard work. While my work, fortunately, does not occur in the blistering summer heat, developing a case usually involves a lot of hard work. After I am hired, I immediately begin to research the facts involved. A thorough accident investigation is very important. While the accident investigation and litigation process can take a long time, similar to two‐a days, doing the hard work always pays off in the end.

Defeating the Opponent

While the Horned Frogs have begun their season with a great start, they still have many tough opponents to face in the future.  Just as TCU will always have an opponent, a personal injury case will always have a worthy adversary: the insurance company. The problem (or one of the problems) with insurance companies is that they try to make their profit by paying the absolute least amount of money out on every single claim, regardless of the claim's merit. We guarantee the at fault party’s insurance company will 1) try and pay our clients as little money as possible and 2) delay the claim out for as long as it can. But if worked properly, the insurance companies can be defeated.

The Final Results

So after the long grueling season, TCU hopes it will end up in the BCS championship game (or at least a BCS bowl game). While not nearly as exciting as a Bowl Game, an injury lawsuit will either be settled to the client’s satisfaction or tried before a jury. The process can be long, frustrating and demanding, but finally in the end, with the right lawyer, your personal injury case should resolve with positive results. Just like the TCU football team will not reap the benefits if it has a bad season, injury attorneys do not get paid if a case ends poorly. That’s motivation!  So if you ever find yourself in an accident and don’t know what to do, think about the TCU Horned Frogs. If your personal injury case turns out anything like their season, I’m projecting a big win!