Gas Companies' Duty to Safety in Texas

Texas gas explosions can cause catastrophic damage and injury, and in most cases they aren't preventable by the victims involved. Instead, it's a gas company's responsibility to properly install and maintain their pipelines. If the energy company fails to do this - and an explosion occurs as a result - the gas company can be held responsible. Similarly, the gas company will have to pay for the damages and injuries the explosion caused. 



Usually, the responsible party would be the energy company because it is their job to properly install and maintain pipelines. If the energy company neglects to do this, they should be held liable for any leaks or damage that may occur as a result.  Explosions can be both physically and emotionally scarring for anyone involved. Recovering from burns or other injuries from an explosion can take months and is very expensive.


There are rules, regulations and industry standards that are imposed on gas companies by the U.S. federal government and the Railroad Commission of Texas. These rules ensure that gas companies are under a duty to use necessary care to prevent injury.


In some cases there can be more than one party responsible for the accident. For example, the manufacturer of the pipeline may be responsible for a design defect or the gas company did not adhere to safety and inspection standards. Whether a pipeline exploded due to failure to properly inspect, improper installation, improper maintenance or product defect, I will work hard to hold all negligent parties accountable.


Remember, these companies are held to very high standards for the safety of you and your family. When gas companies neglect to do their job, they are putting us in direct danger. Pipelines are only dangerous when they are ignored and not taken care of.



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