Don’t Hire Just Any Attorney For Your Grapevine Truck Accident Case

Driving around large, commercial trucks in Grapevine, Texas is scary enough, but getting in an accident with one is downright terrifying. Accidents involving 18-wheelers on Grapevine roads cause some of the most serious and life-changing injuries we see at the Anderson Law Firm. When you've been involved in a tractor trailer accident in Grapevine, it can feel like your whole world is shattered. If you need help paying for your medical bills or if your truck wreck in Grapevine has made it unable for you to work, call the 18-wheeler accident lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm.

Are there any special state or federal regulations that apply to commercial truck drivers and truck companies?

Yes! There are special state and federal laws that truck drivers and trucking companies must abide by and sometimes these laws and regulations make the difference in the success of your case. Because of this, it's important that your truck accident attorney be very familiar with what rules apply. If they aren't, it could mean huge trouble for your case.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations govern the operation of commercial trucks, tractor trailers and big rigs. These rules are designed for safety and to prevent truck accidents. Some of the things that are regulated are:

  • Timely inspections and truck maintenance
  • Driver qualifications
  • The number of hours a trucker can drive
  • The loading and securement of 18-wheeler cargo

If failing to comply with any of these requirements caused your injuries, you truck accident attorney can use this violation as a basis for a claim against the truck driver or the company that hired them. A qualified Grapevine commercial truck accident attorney will use violations of Federal and state trucking laws to prove liability in your big rig accident case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call the Anderson Law Firm For Help With Your Grapevine Truck Wreck Claim

At the Anderson Law Firm, our 18-wheeler accident attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience successfully handling truck wreck cases. Our lawyers are top-rated Grapevine truck accident attorneys and are well aware of what it takes to win your 18-wheeler wreck claim. Through the years, we've won thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. If you are contemplating hiring an attorney for your truck wreck in Grapevine, call the Anderson Law Firm at 817-294-1900 to set up a free, no obligation case consultation.

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