When Toys Become Defective Or Dangerous

Toys are something children play with every day in Grapevine, Texas. Whether it’s in their homes, daycares, or at school, it seems kids can’t get enough playtime. But defective toys are anything but fun, since many times these products hurt your children. An experienced Grapevine child injury lawyer knows that faulty products are recalled on a daily basis because of loose parts, faulty safety features, or choking hazards. Child injuries due to faulty products deserve compensation, and a board certified personal injury attorney is necessary to get the justice you deserve.

U.S. Defective Child Products Recalled

Defective CHildren ToysExamples of products that have been recalled include broken cribs and car seats, lead paint, Mattel toys, and children medication like Tylenol. Injuries from these kinds of products can be fatal, so it is important to contact a defective products attorney in the Grapevine area to help with your case. Because many of these kinds of products are unknowingly dangerous, they are still on store shelves. Make sure you are aware of these faulty toys and products to prevent injuries.

How To File A Defective Product Injury Claim

To file a potential child injury claim, your child must have suffered damages and there must be negligence involved on the manufacturer’s part. Even if the company unknowingly put children at risk, if a child’s injury or death was a direct result of a defective product, parents have every right to file a child injury claim. It was an accident that could have theoretically been prevented.

As a child injury lawyer, I know how to make sure every family gets the peace of mind they deserve. Give me a call at my Fort Worth office if a dangerous product injured your child at 817-294-1900. Remember that unless I win your case, you don’t owe me a penny.

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