Hiring An Injury Lawyer: Will It Speed Up or Slow Down My Case?

Many people injured in accidents in Dallas and Fort Worth are hesitant to hire a personal injury attorney for their car wreck case because they believe that they can handle the case on their own.  At the Anderson Law Firm, we see that very often this is certainly possible for some injury victims.  At our law firm, we do not take on cases where the amount of medical bills is less than $5,000.00.  In our professional estimation, it is better for an injured party to try to settle those type cases on their own without paying for an attorney. 

However, in cases of serious injury or where the amount of medical bills exceeds $5,000.00, we think it is in the client's best interest to hire a personal injury attorney.  Many injury victims wonder whether hiring attorney will speed up or delay their case. Although there is no empirical evidence on whether it will speed the case up, certainly hiring a lawyer will increase the chance that you will get the money you deserve.  Our personal injury lawyers have seen time and time again clients who didn’t hire an attorney getting a less than favorable settlement simply because they do not have the experience to judge whether an offer is fair. Accident victims don’t always know what kind of evidence to present to the insurance company in order to get them to make a good offer and without an experienced injury attorney; individuals do not have the kind of leverage it takes to force the insurance company to pay money. 

At our firm, if an insurance company does not pay us the amount of compensation we are seeking, then we file suit and request a jury trial.  Usually only when faced with the prospect of a jury awarding real and fair compensation will insurance companies pay the fair amount to our injured client.  Does all this work delay the case?  Sometimes it does, but the slight delay is worthwhile because it produces a better result for our client in the end.

Aside obtaining fair compensation, hiring an injury attorney releases stress that is brought on by trying to handle a claim on your own.  At every single decision when the insurance company asks for information - asks to sign medical releases, asks to talk to your doctors and all kinds of things like that -  it forces the injured party to make a decision whether to cooperate and whether they are making the right decision.  But by hiring an injury lawyer with experience in handling these types of claims, all of the stress is taken off of the injured party and the focus can be put on getting well.

For a free case consultation with one of the Anderson Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys, contact us today. Our main office is located in the heart of Fort Worth but we have other offices in Keller and Dallas, too.

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