How Decatur Residents Can Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident

Even though Decatur is a small town, it can have some big drunk driving problems. Being a defensive, aware driver can prevent a dangerous and costly accident. It should not be your responsibility to ensure that these negligent drivers don't cause a wreck, but it has unfortunately become a driving necessity.


You should always be aware of how the time of day affects the number of drunk drivers on the road. Obviously, more people are going to drink later at night and on the weekends and not as much during the day. This isn't to say that you shouldn't be on the lookout for bad drivers during the day, though.


Because we can pinpoint exactly when the largest number of drunk drivers are on the road, I recommend avoiding driving during these times if possible. The saying 'nothing good happens after midnight' definitely holds true in this case. If you don't absolutely have to be driving in the very early hours of the morning, then it's probably a safer idea not to.


People never think that an accident of this magnitude will happen to them. We have become desensitized to drunk driving because of how it is portrayed in the news and movies, but it is something that must be taken seriously. All it takes is one time to make a huge, irreparable mistake. I advise everyone to make sure that their friends or family know the severity and possible consequences of drunk driving. There is only so much we can do to prevent an accident- people need to change their habits and drive sober. 

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