What do insurance companies base their offers on when evaluating a personal injury case?

Every personal injury case is different, which can make it difficult to understand how the insurance company will evaluate your case. Insurance companies don’t share their evaluation methods with the general public and there are many different factors they look at when evaluating a claim.  But the Anderson Law Firm’s Fort Worth accident attorneys have handled thousands of personal injury cases and know what the insurance company looks at when coming up with an offer. 

The main thing insurance companies use to evaluate a personal injury case is the amount of damages that an injured person has sustained. In Texas, this includes your medical bills, lost wages, effect on life and any future medical bills you might incur.

Besides these damages, an insurance company will also look at the facts of the accident. The adjuster will determine whether the injured person will have an easy time proving their injuries are the result of another’s negligence. The insurance company’s offer will also take into account whether the injured person had pre-existing injuries, or a propensity to become involved in accidents or make injury claims.

There are a lot of factors that go into evaluating a personal injury case.  Every insurance company is different and weights certain facts of the case differently. If an insurance company has offered you a settlement that you aren’t sure is adequate, contact the Fort Worth personal injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm. During the free case consultation, our attorneys will give you their opinion on your accident case and will answer any of your legal questions.

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