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Car Accident Reports: How Long Does It Take For Them To Be Prepared?

If you have been in involved in automobile wreck in Texas, chances are that the police were called to come investigate the accident.  In most wrecks, the police will prepare what is called a Texas peace officer’s crash report.  This report contains tons of information, but the most important to the beginning of an insurance claim is the identification of the insurance company of the parties involved in the wreck.  If you are injured in the wreck, there’s a good chance that you were carted away in an ambulance and did not have a chance to obtain the liability insurance information from the other driver.  If you contact the police department, they usually to wait for the police report to be ready and the information will be contained on that.  Therefore, you are left in limbo for a while until that report is prepared. 

In the Fort Worth area, most police departments will tell the parties involved in the wreck that the report will be ready between 2 and 5 days from the accident.  At the Anderson Law Firm, we normally see crash reports prepared and available to the public around 2 or 3 days after the accident.  However, weekends and holiday times can really delay the availability of the report.  Also, we have seen times where the investigating officer is off of work for a couple or three days after the day of the wreck thus delaying publication of the report.  There are some, but not many, police departments which tell everyone that they have up until 10 days to produce the report.  While 10 days is a long time, we rarely see it take that long before the reports are ready to be obtained.

When there is some sort of illegal activity charged in the report, such as driving while intoxicated, the report can be delayed.  Many times a basic crash report will be delayed while the investigating officers and the district attorneys are working towards the charges that they are bringing against the intoxicated individuals.

Get Your Tarrant County Accident Report For Free

At the Anderson Law Firm, we offer a free public service to those injured in automobile accidents in Tarrant County.  Instead of you trying to figure out how to get your report, we will get it for you at no charge.  All you have to do is email us or call us with the basic information needed for us to obtain the report (name, date and report number if you have it) and we will get the report for you.  We send employees to the Fort Worth Police Station on almost a daily basis to gather up these reports and will be glad to get it for you and either scan, fax or mail it to you immediately.  With that report, you will be armed with the information you need to start your insurance claim with the other side’s insurance company.

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