I Was In a Car Wreck Without Insurance: Can I Still Make a Claim?

uninsured driver gets into a wreck in texas


Let me start by saying this: it's illegal to drive without insurance, and doing so puts extreme financial risk on both you and the drivers around you. However, if you weren't insured at the time of an accident (and the other driver was at-fault), you can still make a claim and are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries and damages. There is no prohibition to making a claim. 

Why It's Better to Have Car Insurance, Even If You Aren't At-Fault in a Wreck

No matter who causes the accident, it's always better to have auto insurance. This is because Texas law is set up to punish people who are driving without insurance. There's been a recent crackdown on uninsured motorists through a program called TexasSure. Those caught driving without insurance are fined $350, plus hundreds of dollars more in court costs. Repeat offenders can be fined $1,000 and may have their license suspended for up to two years. So when someone wrecks into you and the police arrive on scene, you'll be subject to these consequences. 

Aside from the legal ramifications, if you don't have insurance that means you're relying on the at-fault driver's insurance to cover your damages and injuries. Unfortunately, claims can take a long time to settle, so it could be months before you see that money. In the meantime, you'll have to front the money for your medical bills, rental car, vehicle repair, and so on. If you aren't able to pay out of pocket, you're out of luck.

Insurance Adjusters Might Not Tell You the Truth

When you file a claim, you'll be dealing with the other driver's insurance company. As soon as they find out you were driving without insurance, they might try to "bend the truth." They'll tell you that you aren't entitled to full compensation or that you aren't allowed to file a claim at all. You shouldn't listen to them. 

If the insurance company is giving you trouble, it's time to talk to a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys don't cost any money upfront and they'll set the insurance adjusters straight. Especially if you've suffered serious damages and injuries, speaking with an attorney will ensure that you're awarded the compensation you deserve in accordance with Texas law. 

Is It Time to Hire a Lawyer?

Not everyone needs a lawyer. Curious to know if you do or not? Read my helpful article here.

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