Common Injuries in DFW Car Accidents


As a Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I know that every auto accident is different. Depending on the vehicles involved and any number of other variants, every traffic collision is going to result in a different set of injuries, ranging from the mild, to the severe, to the fatal.


It is important that you seek expert legal advice if you or someone you love has been injured in any kind of car crash within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. You may be entitled to compensation.


Here is some more information on some of the most common types of injuries I am familiar with as a board certified Fort Worth personal injury and wrongful death lawyer:


Soft Tissue Damage

The forces subjected to a person’s body during a car wreck can cause significant soft tissue damage which can have painful results. This can involve significant muscle strain, sprain and inflammation. Although whiplash is by far the most well-known form of soft tissue injury resulting from car accidents, other forms of soft tissue damage also occur on a regular basis. These include back ache, neck injuries, as well as hip and leg injuries.


Treatment for soft tissue injuries often involves chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, and in some situations even surgery. This means that you could easily encounter thousands of dollars in expensive medical bills. Make sure that you speak with an experienced Fort Worth attorney so that you can hold the at-fault driver responsible.


Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt force accounts for approximately 50 percent of all injuries in multi-vehicle collision. The majority of blunt force trauma tends to occur within the abdominal region, but it can occur throughout the victim’s body. Blunt force trauma involves non-penetrating injury and often requires a prolonged period of hospitalization as the patient’s internal organs are often ruptured.


Blunt force impacts to the head can result in severe traumatic brain injuries, which can itself have devastating and lifelong consequences for the victim and their family members.


Broken or Fractured Bones

Broken bones are also very common injuries in Fort Worth area car crashes. Sadly, in many cases there is very little that a doctor can do to speed up the healing process. The usual course of treatment is simply to set and cast the bones, and wait for the body to heal itself. In more serious cases, some victims are required to undergo open reduction internal fixation surgery (ORIF). This is a surgical procedure where a doctor repairs a fractured bone with screws and plates or an intramedullary rod, often on a permanent basis.


Many car accident victims report that their broken or fractured bone injuries leave them with ongoing pain and mobility problems long after their wreck. In many cases, they are left with a permanent disability as a result.


Understanding Your Legal Rights to Compensation

Don’t make a mistake which could cost you your legal right to recover fair compensation under Texas law. Even if you are not considering hiring a personal injury attorney, the negligent motorist’s insurance company will still be contacting you. Remember that you are dealing with professionals trained to trick innocent victims out of the just compensation they deserve. You must be prepared. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need by requesting a free copy of our book 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case.



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