Who pays for the attorney --me or the insurance company?

At the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth, we are very well aware of the stereotype lawyers have as being expensive. For some attorneys, this is very true – however the stereotype really doesn’t apply to injury lawyers because they aren’t paid like other attorneys. In fact, a personal injury lawyer in Texas doesn’t cost you any money up-front to hire.

How Injury Lawyers Are Paid

Unlike divorce attorneys or DWI lawyers who require an initial fee in order to retain their services, injury lawyers work on a contingent fee agreement. That means they are paid out of your case settlement and that if your case doesn’t win, they don’t get paid. So who pays for the attorney – you or the insurance company? Well if a settlement is reached through mediation or by a jury verdict, technically the insurance company will pay for your attorney’s fees – it will just come out of the compensation you are awarded. 

At the Anderson Law Firm, we have a list of requirements before we will represent injured individuals. Our lawyers do not represent every individual and if we think you would be better off handling the claim on your own, we’ll tell you.

We understand that many injured individuals are intimidated by the legal process and its cost. To get your questions answered, contact the Fort Worth personal injury lawyers for a free case consultation.

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