Drastic Ways the Insurance Company Watches You

After years of serving as a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth, I've seen insurance companies do drastic things to investigate claimants.  Although it's mainly only common in very serious personal injury claims and workers comp claims, the insurance company may stoop so low as to stake out your house. This does happen and you should be aware that it could potentially happen to you.
Drastic Ways the Insurance  Company Watches You
If this happens to you, you may ask yourself, "What are they looking for?" The insurance company is spying on you because they are looking for you to mess up. They are looking for any contradiction between what you claim your physical abilities are and what you are actually capable of doing when you're at home. So, if you have workers' comp for a back injury, but the insurance company snaps a picture of you moving a heavy box, this could ruin your claim. It's a lot more common for insurance companies to spy on people with large amounts of workers' comp than people with PI claims, but you never know.

If you see a suspicious car outside your house and think it might be an investigator for the insurance company, check it out. There is no law stopping you from introducing yourself. Ask your neighbors and see if they've noticed anything different. But as always, follow your doctor's advice and don't do anything that contradicts with what you've claimed your physical limitations to be. Claimants must be honest if they hope to receive any compensation or medical treatments for their injuries. Even if you are being watched by the insurance company, as long as you aren't doing anything outside of your medical restrictions you will be fine.

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