Beware of Boating Dangers When You're on the Water

Boating is a relaxing and glorious pastime. Getting out on the water for a nice relaxing day is a great way to spend your weekend. Soaking up some rays, reading a good book and enjoying the gentle murmur of water lapping against your boat is one of the great joys in life. Each summer, people from the dallas Fort Worth area enjoy our many beautiful lakes, such as Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Lewisville, Lake Worth, Joe Pool Lake, Lake Granbury and others. Unfortunately, that relaxing day can turn deadly all too quickly. Make sure to beware of boating dangers when you’re on the water.

Boating Dangers Can Cost Your Life.

Boating is generally a safe pastime, and people don’t think about the fact that it can also be deadly. While deadly boat accidents are infrequent compared to other types of accidents, with approximately 700 boating-related deaths every year, it’s an area where people simply don’t expect danger and potentially fatal accidents. That’s where many people get into trouble.

The Single Biggest Cause of Boating-Related Deaths.

Think you can swim? You might want to think twice: drowning is the single-biggest cause of boating-related deaths. Even people who think they can swim can suffer a drowning death when thrown unexpectedly from a boat. 85% of people who drown aren’t wearing life jackets. Many of those people probably thought they could swim and that they didn’t need life jackets at all.

Just because you’re sitting around sedately doesn’t mean you’re safe from being thrown overboard. You never know when a bigger boat is going to come by quickly, and the wake can knock you off-balance and right over the edge of your boat. You might also find yourself in a situation where a storm comes in and the water gets rough, or you simply trip over something in the boat and fall overboard.

Be Conscious of Boat Safety Practices.

Wear a lifejacket. Don’t drink when you’re out on a boat. Drinking-and-boating is a potentially lethal combination, with many boat-related deaths being caused by alcohol. Make sure you and your passengers know how to behave appropriately in a boat and operate the gear effectively. Finally, don’t speed out of control; stopping or turning in a boat is much more difficult than in a car, and most people don’t give themselves the time they need to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

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