Motorcycle Accidents: Lane Splitting (Lane Sharing)

After a traffic accident, there will typically be an investigation by the police or the insurance company to determine who was at fault for the collision occurring. As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, let me tell you that it is very important that you always obey traffic laws. Safe riding can help you avoid crashing your bike. Unsafe riding can make you a danger to yourself and to others. In the event of a crash, if you have been riding with disregard for the law, you could be found as the negligent motorist.

The practice of splitting lanes, also known as lane sharing, is illegal in Texas. If you're not familiar with what lane splitting is; it involves riding your motorcycle between two lanes of traffic which are moving in the same direction as you. However, there has been some controversy regarding the practice, particularly in California - the only state where lane splitting is currently legal. A recent study suggested that lane splitting might actually be safer for motorcyclists in certain circumstances, such as in heavy, slow-moving traffic. This is not the case in faster traffic, however, as when cars are traveling at the speed limit it can be very dangerous indeed.

Regardless of the circumstances, lane splitting is illegal in Texas and should not be attempted.

If you are injured in a motorcycle wreck while splitting lanes, the insurance company could determine that you were actually the negligent party. You might not think this is fair, because the driver who hit you did not look as he changed lanes, but the truth of the matter is that if you were in an illegal maneuver at the time of the crash, you will be named responsible.

As a Texas motorcyclist you are most likely already aware of the many dangers that bikers face when riding the roads in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Don't add to the hazards by reckless driving yourself. Cars and trucks are known to be dangerous as they often are not fully aware of motorcycles sharing the road with them. This means you need to be extra cautious yourself. Splitting lanes is not something you can afford to do.

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