Does a lawyer handle my case or are they assigned to assistants or paralegals?

At the Anderson Law Firm, our Fort Worth personal injury lawyers understand that the legal world in general is unknown to most people. There are many layers in the process to put a case together and we know that our clients want be aware of who is really doing the work on their claim. In the personal injury world, the combined efforts by your attorney and their staff of legal assistants and paralegals work together to bring an accident case to trial or settlement.  

What our law firm wants you to know is that your attorney is in control of your case at all times. They call the shots and will be there for any major events such as depositions, trial and if they will be the one to tell you about any settlement offer from the insurance company. Depending on the seriousness of your case and if a lawsuit has to be filed corresponds to how much one-on-one time you can expect to have with your attorney. It’s important to remember that personal injury lawyers can be overseeing a great deal of cases at the same time. There will be times when you will be communicating mainly with the lawyer’s legal staff to get your case updates.
Paralegals and Legal Assistants

At the Anderson Law Firm, we have an elite staff of paralegals and legal assistants that handle the day to day tasks of your case. From ordering your medical records, bills and preparing documents for the attorneys review; a personal injury lawyer’s staff is very similar to the staff of nurses and physician assistants in a doctor’s office. You will probably have the most interaction with the case manager handling your claim and they will usually be the one you can request a case update from.  Don’t worry - these are trained professionals with years of expertise in the legal field who are fully capable of handling your claim.

Remember - it is not the work of one personal injury lawyer that will yield the best results in your injury claim but the work of their entire legal staff together.  During your free case consultation, remember to get a feel not only for the attorney you are interviewing but for their staff and office atmosphere. To schedule a free case review with the Anderson Law Firm, contact us today.

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