What To Do When You Receive a Low Offer

A lot of people who are involved in car accidents, motorcycle wrecks or have had other injuries due to negligence try to resolve their injury claims on their own.  This works just fine sometimes, especially when there are only minor injuries, but most of the time the amount you are offered from the insurance company is well below what you deserve. When you receive a low offer from the insurance company, what are you supposed to do? 

Well, the low offer might be just fine in comparison to your injuries or it could be really, really, really low.  Unless you consult with a Board Certified injury attorney, you really don't know.

If you live in Fort Worth or Keller, Texas, the best thing for you to do if you think you are being pressured by the insurance company into taking a low offer is to run the case by an attorney and get a professional opinion on what you should do. 

Set Up a Free Case Review with the Lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm

At the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth, we've had plenty of clients call us after they've received an offer from the insurance company they think is low.  When this happens, we evaluate the case and tell them what the case is worth. 

Sometimes the supposed low offer isn't low; it's fair market value.  But more often than not the offer is in actuality low because the insurance company is not taking the claim seriously.  They think the person is bluffing and they think they can get away with making a low offer. 

We take a lot of cases that initially have low offers.  Once we're hired, we are able to negotiate higher settlement or, we file a lawsuit and later on get more money.  Our accident lawyers have handled cases where they've been able to get 10-20 times more than the initial low-ball offer.

Remember, before you accept any offer, talk to a board certified injury attorney and get their legal advice.  If you have any questions what so ever regarding your offer or an injury case, feel free to give us a call at 817-294-1900.  The Anderson Law Firm is based in Fort Worth and our top-rated accident attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience in accident and injury law.

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