The Insurance Company Wants To Pay You As Little Money As Possible

I have been a Hurst-Euless-Bedford personal injury lawyer since 1991. In that time I've helped thousands of victims whose lives have been turned upside-down following a motorcycle wreck or other auto accident. Usually, my clients are pretty surprised and upset to learn that the insurance companies are not helpful in paying them compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering - in fact, they're the exact opposite!

Major American insurance companies are some of the wealthiest businesses in the world. That's something that is often forgotten. Despite their promises to always be there "like a good neighbor," in reality they value "profits over people." They are a business, their goal is to make money. So if you've been hurt in a motorcycle collision, they have only one goal: to pay you as little money as possible. Maybe you find that a hard pill to swallow, but I promise you it's the truth. I have seen it time and time again, and I guarantee they will do the same to you.

That is why it is so important that you have an experienced PI attorney fighting for your rights, because you really do have to fight them! Since it is an adversarial process, the at-fault motorist's insurance company has no duty to treat you fairly. Again, sad but true. The only protection that you have is the great Texas jury system. If the insurance adjustor believes the jury will award you money, then they have an incentive to pay you money. If they don't, however, then you can expect an offer of next to nothing.

Just because the insurance company pays to fix your motorcycle after a crash, doesn't mean they will treat you fairly when it comes to your bodily injury claim. Give me a call toll free on 800-354-MARK (6275) for a no fee, no obligation consultation on your personal situation. You can also request a complimentary copy of my book Roadmap To Winning Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case.