March Madness Contest 2013





Update 4/9/2013:

That's all, folks! March Madness is over for another year!

What a tournament it’s been – absolutely crazy! If your bracket didn’t fare well, don’t feel too bad… Mine did terrible too.

That said, our three winners all picked Louisville as the overall champions. Congratulations to Zach Bleile, Ben Berry and Allison Jones. Our sweepstakes winner was randomly selected as Christina Trujillo.

Click here to view the full bracket contest leaderboard just to see how close – or far – you were from winning.

I hope that everyone had fun taking part in our contest. Thank you for getting involved - it would have been nothing without you.

If you haven’t already liked us on Facebook then please do so - we’re going to be doing more contests again in the near future and we’d love for you to take part once more.

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Update 4/8/2013:


On Saturday night, Louisville beat Wichita State 72 to 68 – and Michigan won again Syracuse 61 to 56. Tonight, Louisville and Michigan go head-to-head in Atlanta to determine the Champion of the 2013 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.


If your picks haven’t put you within a shot of finishing in the top three spots of our bracket contest (you can check out the full leaderboard here) you could still be in with a shot of claiming a prize regardless. There is still time left to earn multiple entries in our March Madness Sweepstakes Contest to be enter into a drawing for an Apple TV. Simply enter via the widget immediately below and follow the on-screen instructions. The more entries you earn before the deadline, the great your chance of being selected as the winner. Good luck – and enjoy the game tonight!



Update 4/5/2013:

It's the Final Four games this weekend: Louisville v Wichita State, and Michigan v Syracuse. If you didn't pick any of them to get this far, then don't worry - you could still win a prize by entering our March Madness Sweepstakes above ^. We're also giving away a spot prize over on our Facebook this afternoon.


Update 4/1/2013:


So Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan, and Syracuse are the Final Four. That means there’s only a few people left who could potentially win our bracket contest. Right now, TheBestBrownsFan is sitting pretty in first place on a current score of 43 points – and a potential score of 45 points based on his predictions.


However - BenBerry, Jones28, and DBOSS66 all have a potential of 43 points, which means that depending on how the rest of the games play out, they could end up tying with TheBestBrownsFan for first place. Currently, BenBerry, Dnickel, and Jones28 are all tied for second place on 41 points each, and DBOSS66, devonwtxus, Heather, and thebyrdman are all tied for third place on 40 points each. See the full leaderboard here.


Remember – there is still time to earn more entries in our sweepstakes for your chance to win an Apple TV regardless of how you’re doing in our bracket contest. Just follow the instructions above ^



Update 3/29/2013:


The Sweet Sixteen games started yesterday, and we’ve seen a shakeup at the top of our contest leaderboard. TheBestBrownsFan is currently in 1st place with 39 points, followed very closely by Dnickel with 38 points, with BenBerry and Jones28 both tied on 37 points.


Check out the full leaderboard here. The results for all of yesterday’s games are below.


If you haven’t entered our Sweepstakes contest to win an Apple TV yet, there is still time! Follow the instructions above^ to enter:




Results from yesterday’s games:


Marquette 71 – 61 Miami

Arizona 70 – 73 Ohio St.

Syracuse 61 – 50 Indiana

La Salle 58 – 72 Whichita St.


We’ll post another update on Monday morning!


Update 3/25/2013:


There were a lot of upsets in this weekend’s games, which means our leaderboard has changed considerably since Friday Morning. Right now, TheBestBrownsFan is in first place on 37 points, BenBerry is in second place with 36 points, and Dnickel, Jadybug_12 and Jones28 are all tied for third place with 35 points apiece. Of course, there is every chance that things will change again within the next few days.


If your picks aren’t doing as well as you’d hoped, remember that you could still win an Apple TV by entering our sweepstakes contest which has nothing at all to do with the outcome of your bracket. Just use the widget above ^ and follow the on-screen instructions to enter.



Click here to see the full bracket contest leaderboard.


Here are the full results from all the March Madness games that took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday:


Albany 61 – 73 Duke

Ole Miss 57 – 46 Wisconsin

Temple 76 – 72 NC State

Pacific 49 – 78 Miami

Cincinnati 73 – 67 Creighton

La Salle 63 – 61 Kansas St

James Madison 62 – 83 Indiana

Colorado 49 – 57 Illinois

FGCU 78 – 68 Georgetown

Iona 70 – 95 Ohio St

Villanova 71 – 78 North Carolina

NW St 47 – 79 Florida

Oklahoma 55 – 70 San Diego St

Iowa St 76 – 58 Notre Dame

W Kentucky 57 – 64 Kansas

Minnesota 83 – 63 UCLA

VCU 53 – 78 Michigan

Memphis 48 – 70 Michigan St

Colorado St 56 – 82 Louisville

Harvard 51 – 74 Arizona

Oregon 74 – 57 St Louis

Butler 72 – 74 Marquette

Wichita St 76 – 70 Gonzaga

California 60 – 66 Syracuse

Iowa St 75 – 78 Ohio St

Temple 52 – 58 Indiana

North Carolina 58 – 70 Kansas

Minnesota 64 – 78 Florida

FGCU 81 – 71 San Diego St

La Salle 76 – 74 Ole Miss

Illinois 59 – 63 Miami

Creighton 50 – 66 Duke



Update 3/22/2013:

March Madness has begun!


Here are the results from yesterday’s games:


Louisville 79 – 48 North Carolina A&T

Colorado St. 84 – 72 Missouri

Oklahoma St. 55 – 68 Oregon

Saint Louis 64 – 44 New Mexico St.

Memphis 54 – 52 Saint Mary’s

Michigan St. 65 – 54 Valparaiso

Gonzaga 64 – 58 Southern University

Pittsburgh 55 – 73 Wichita St.

Arizona 81 – 64 Belmont

New Mexico 62 – 68 Harvard

VCU 88 – 42 Akron

Michigan 71 – 56 South Dakota St.

UNLV 61 – 64 California

Syracuse 81 – 34 Montana

Butler 68 – 56 Bucknell

Marquette 59 – 58 Davidson


After the first round of games, 7c32 is at the top of the leaderboard yet, closely followed by Cindy5G, John Curl, soclose, and tttinat who are all tied for second place. But it’s early days yet, and part of the fun of March Madness is that it’s still far too early to say who’s in with a chance of winning. It will be interesting to see the leaderboard on Monday morning after this weekend’s games!


Check out the full leaderboard here.


If you haven’t entered our March Madness Sweepstakes yet, you still can. Just follow the instructions on the widget up above ^:


Update 3/20/2013:

The deadline to register and/or make your picks for our bracket contest is TOMORROW at 11:00 am CST. If you haven't registered yet - or if you haven't finished making your picks - then please make sure to do so as soon as possible.

Click here to register or review your picks.

Our sweepstakes contest will continue to run througohut the duration of the tournament, but we'd love it if you could enter now to make your friends, family members and coworkers aware of our bracket contest before the deadlines passes. Entering the sweepstakes is incredibly easy. Simply follow the directions on the widget immediately below to share details of our contest across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest (assuming you have accounts there) without having to manually like, share, pin or retweet. You'll get one entry in the sweepstakes for every step you complete, as well as entries for each unique person that clicks on your link:


Original Post:

It's that time of year again! Spring is in the air, and basketball is about to be everywhere!

The Anderson Law Firm is excited to announce our third annual March Madness Bracket Contest and Sweepstakes!

The prizes for the Bracket Contest include one night in a local luxury hotel, a Nordstrom gift card, or a Kindle Fire. If you finish in the top three, you get to choose whichever prize you want. In addition to the bracket contest, we are also running a simultaneous Sweepstakes to win an Apple TV. The sweepstakes contest is entirely seperate from the bracket contest - and you can keep earnign additional entries in the sweepstakes throughout the duraction of the NCAA basketball tournament.

As with our other contests, the rules are simple enough:

  • Everyone is welcome to enter (kids included)
  • You must live in Texas
  • Only one entry per person (multiple entires per household for individual family members is absolutely fine)

Click here to make your picks in the bracket contest once the games have been announced on Sunday, March 17. The deadline for entries in the bracket contest is 11am CST on Thursday, March 21.

Use the widget above to enter the Sweepstakes contest ^