March Madness 2014

Update 4/8/14:

Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies! They beat the Kentucky Wildcats 60 - 54 last night.

This means the winners of our March Madness Bracket Contest were:

First Place: mattcarson aka Matthew Carson won an iPad

Second Place: pdog69 aka Pete Eckert won an iPad Mini

Third Place: kildee aka Joey Worley won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (won on tiebraker)

One other person has also won an iPad Mini based on the predicition of the total number of points scored in last night's game. Combined, this figure was 114. There are several people who correctly predicted this number, so we put them all in a hat and randomly drew Baberuth3 aka Jimmy Grundy as the winner of an iPad Mini.

Congratulations to all our winners!

I hope you all had fun playing along even if you didn't win. Check to see where you finished in the bracket contest by viewing the full leaderboard here.


Update 4/7/14:

Here are the scores from his weekend's two semi final games:

Connecticut 63, Florida 53

Kentucky 74, Wisconsin 73

This means tonight's National Championship game will be between the Connecticut Huskies and the Kentucky Wildcats. The game is going to be played in Arlington's AT&T Stadium at 8:10pm and will be braodcast on CBS11.

Hardly anyone predicted this outcome, which means our bracket competition is pretty much settled. Here's what the top of the leaderboard currently looks like:

Click here to view the full leaderboard.

Mathematically, it is impossible for anyone to beat Mattcarson now. And pdog69 has likewise secured second place. Third place will be determined based on the tiebraker selected when you made your picks.

Remember, though... even if you are way down the leaderboard of the bracket contest, you still have an opportunity to win an iPad Mini based on your predication of the total overall points scored in tonight’s game. Tomorrow morning, we will place the names of everyone who got the total score correct into a hat and choose one at random. We’ll post the outcome on our Facebook page.

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Until tomorrow... Enjoy tonight's big game!


Update 4/1/214:

Just three games left to go now, and there are three people who - depending on how things go - could potentially finish in first place: mattcarson, KDB10, and kildee. Here are the standings as they are right now:

Click here to see the full leaderboard.

Here are the final scores from the games played since our last update:

Florida 79, UCLA 68

Dayton 82, Stanford 72

MSU 61, Virginia 59

UConn 81, Iowa St. 76

Arizona 70, SDSU 64

Kentucky 74, Louisville 69

Michigan 73, Tennessee 71

Florida 62, Dayton 52

Connecticut 60, Michigan St. 54

Wisconsin 64, Arizona 63

Kentucky 75, Michigan 72

The final four games take place in Arlington this weekend, and the National Championship game is on Monday night.


Update 3/24/14:

What a weekend it was! The Sweet Sixteen games have been set, and the teams still in the running are Florida, UCLA, Arizona, SDSU, Dayton, Stanford, Baylor, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan St., Kentucky, Louisville, Iowa St., Connecticut, Tennessee, and Michigan. That means that there is a wide range of points on our leaderboard - but fortunately everyone still has a chance to win an iPad Mini based on their prediciton for the total number of points scored in the National Championship game on April 6.

Here's how our leaderboard stands at the moment: In First Place is Matty Ice with a current total score of 39 and a potential total score of 51. In Second Place is KDB10 with a current total score of 38 and a potential total score of 51. Tied for third are derekmcphate, mattcarson, Nu Par Ruski, pdog69, shippcw, Stnickel1, and txaggies who all have a current total score of 37.

Click here to see the full leaderboard. In theory, anyone with a potential total score of 37 could still finish in the top three.

Here are the results of all games played over the weekend:

Whichita State 64, Cal Poly 37

Virginia 70, Coatal Caro. 59

Arizona 68, Weber State 59

Mercer 78, Duke 71

Iowa State 93, NC Central 75

Kansas 80, Eastern Kentucky 69

Stanford 58, New Mexico 53

North Carolina 79, Providence 77

UCLA 76, Tulsa 59

Baylor 74, Nebraska 60

Stephen F. Austin 77, VCU 75

Tennessee 86, Massachusetts 67

Gonzaga 85, Oklahoma State 77

Memphis 71, George Washington 66

Kentucky 56, Kansas State 49

Towson 83, East Tennessee State 77

Belmont 82, Robert Morris 71

Florida 61, Pittsburgh 45

Louisville 66, Saint Louis 51

Connecticut 77, Villanova 65

Michigan 79, Texas 65

Michigan State 80, Harvard 73

Wisconsin 85, Oregon 77

San Diego State 63, North Dakota St. 44

Dayton 55, Syracuse 53

VMI 106, IPFW 95

Ohio 56, Wright State 54

Columbia 69, Eastern Michigan 56

Yale 71, Holy Cross 66

San Diego 77, Sam Houston State 72

Pacific 89, Texas A&M CC 60

Louisiana Tech 79, Georgia 71

Kentucky 78, Wichita State 76

Virginia 78, Memphis 60

Arizona 84, Gonzaga 61

Iowa State 85, North Carolina 83

Stanford 60, Kansas 57

Baylor 85, Creighton 55

UCLA 77, Stephen F. Austin 60

Tennessee 83, Mercer 63

Minnesota 63, St. Mary's (Cal.) 55

Southern Miss 71, Missouri 63

Clemson 50, Illinois 49


Update 3/21/14:

Well, the games are off to a surprising start (at least as far as my bracket is concerned!) As of this morning, we have a six-way tie at the top of our leaderboard. Congratulations to Hswain95, josesloppy, Matty Ice, Melkap1, Stnickel1, and TheDogSays.

You can check out the full leaderboard here.

Here are the results from yesterday's games:

Florida 67, Albany 55

Pittsburgh 77, Colorado 48

Dayton 60, Ohio St. 59

Syracuse 77, Western Michigan 53

Harvard 61, Cincinnati 57

Michigan St. 93, Delaware 78

Connecticut 89, Saint Joseph's 81

Villanova 73, Milwaukee 53

North Dakota St. 80, Oklahoma 75

San Diego St. 73, New Mexico St. 69

Oregon 87, BYU 68

Wisconsin 75, American University 35

Saint Louis 83, North Carolina St. 80

Louisville 71, Manhattan 64

Texas 87, Arizona St. 85

Michigan 57, Wofford 40


It's March again, and that can only mean one thing: BASKETBALL.

This year marks the Anderson Law Firm's Fourth Annual March Madness Brackets Contest - and to celebrate we've created an additional way for someone to win!

In addition to the usual bracket contest which will result in a First, Second, and Third Prize Winner, we are also going to give a Bonus Prize to the non-placed participant who most accurately predicts the overall score from the National Championship Game (full details below).



1st Place = iPad

2nd Place = iPad Mini

3rd Place = Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Bonus Prize = iPad Mini



The full schedule of games will be announced on Sunday, March 16.

The bracket contest will begin with the games played on Thursday, March 20.

The deadline for making your picks is 11:00am CST on Thursday, March 20.

The contest is completely free to everyone to enter (kids included!) The only catch is that you must have a Texas address. Only one entry per person, but please encourage your friends and family members to take part too! Use the share buttons ni the top left of your screen to quickly and easily share this page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Click here to register now.

The Bonus Prize winner will be determined based on whoever most accurately predicts the overal score of the National Championship game. Contest participants who have already won a prize are not eligible for the Bonus Prize, this way everyone has a chance to win, regardless of how well their bracket did. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected at random from those participants.