The Best Way to Prevent a Serious Motorcycle Injury


As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer and the author of the book Roadmap to Winning Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case, I know that whenever a motorcyclist is involved in a traffic collision, they are likely to experience extremely serious injuries. To some extent, bikers take the risk of suffering such injuries as broken bones or road rash with the knowledge that motorcycles do not offer full body protection. However, motorcycle helmets do offer vital protection against potentially fatal traumatic brain injuries (TBI).


Despite this, however, helmet use among Texan motorcyclists is incredibly low. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) estimates that helmet use is around just 36 percent. Judging from all the motorcyclists I’ve seen riding around the Fort Worth area, I would guess the actual figure to be even lower.


Wearing a DOT-certified helmet is not a legal requirement in Texas unless you are younger than 21. However, just because it is not compulsory doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary. In my opinion as a board certified Fort Worth trial attorney, wearing a helmet can dramatically reduce your risk of suffering a serious injury. Numerous scientific studies back this up. According to the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA) 1,829 motorcycle riders and passengers’ lives were saved thanks to the fact that they were wearing a helmet. It is estimated that a further 823 lives would have been saved that same year if the individual in question had worn a helmet.


Wearing a Helmet Shows You Take Safety Seriously

Motorcyclists often get an unfairly bad reputation for being reckless on the road. Based on my experience as a Fort Worth injury lawyer, I do not believe this is the case. While there are exceptions to every rule, I have found that the majority of motorcyclists in the DFW are extremely safety conscious. They have to be considering that most car and truck drivers rarely make the effort to watch out for bikers on the road. Why then do motorcyclists continue to avoid wearing a helmet? There is no good reason not to.


What Type of Helmet Should I Buy?

The best type of DOT-certified helmet to buy is a full face helmet, which protects the entire head including the base of the skull. This is important because if you are ever involved in a crash, you cannot control how you will fall, or at what angle you will be hit by the impact. A fall fact helmet gives you the best all-round protection – the more coverage a helmet offers, the more protection you have.


By comparison, other types of helmets no not protect the whole head. Open face, three-quarter and motocross-style helmets offer some protection but are largely useless when it comes to frontal facial impacts. This is relevant not just in the case of a wreck, but also with debris flying up from the road or similar hazards. Similarly, many motorcyclists think that wearing a half-helmet or “shorty” is enough to protect them. As a Fort worth motorcycle accident lawyer, I do not encourage use of such helmets as they provide only the bare minimum of protection. A full face helmet is without a doubt the best protection available.


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