Neglect and Abuse of Special Needs Children

Special needs children deserve the same care and attention as other kids, and oftentimes they need more care than your average child. The problem with caring for special needs children does not lie in the fact that they are more difficult or cause issues, but instead it lies within the people who care for them. There are some amazing caretakers who are extremely qualified to care for these children, but there are also those who are not. Some people are afraid to care for children with special needs or just don't know how to treat them. While mentally challenged kids require a different kind of care, they are just the same as any other child: They love to have fun and sometimes cannot tell right from wrong.


Because caring for special needs children can require patience and experience, neglect or abuse can occur. Teachers or caretakers feel that they can get away with abuse because oftentimes a special needs child will not or cannot speak up like a normal child can. There have been reports of autistic children being ignored at daycares and being prohibited from eating or playing with other children. There have also been cases at different school districts around Texas about teachers who hit special needs students or allow other students to openly make fun of them. Emotional and physical abuse of children can cause life-long scarring and will not be tolerated.


It's important to choose a good school district or daycare that understands your child's needs and can be accommodating to them. Some school districts have much stronger life skills programs than others in the state of Texas. If you're curious as to whether a certain school's program is a good match for your child, I would recommend meeting some of the teachers and even talking to the parents of the kids in the program. As with any other kid, you should make sure that your child is in safe hands.


When parents send their child to school they have a right to expect that employees of the school will protect their children and give them a safe environment. When a school fails to provide a safe environment for a vulnerable student, it can have huge affects on the child and his or her family. As a child injury lawyer, I'm here to give a voice to special needs children with injuries and their families.


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