Neuropathy Injuries Caused by Dallas-Fort Worth Car Accidents

As a Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I know that being injured in a multi-vehicle car crash can result in a range of injuries to the drivers and passengers. Some of the most common accident-related injuries include broken bones, blunt force trauma, and concussion. One of the lesser known injuries which can result from an auto collision is neuropathy.


Neuropathy is the name given to disorders which are caused by damage to the peripheral nervous system caused by trauma of a car, truck or motorcycle wreck. In most cases, this form of neuropathy is caused by the pressure exerted on the body during the accident.


The peripheral nervous system is the part of the nervous system which is outside of the central nervous system in the brain and spinal cord. Consequently, the effects of neuropathy most commonly occur in the hands and feet of the injury victim, although autonomic neuropathy can even affect internal organs such as the heart, bladder, intestines and blood vessels. Neuropathy can cause pain and numbness, as well as affecting motor nerves which control muscle movement.


Is it possible to recover compensation related to neuropathy injuries?

There is no cure for neuropathy, although the symptoms can be treated with a combination of medication and therapy which primarily seeks to reduce the pain the patient experiences. In some cases, doctors may decide to use electrical and chemical implants known as neuromodulators to stimulate the parts of the body damaged by the neuropathy disorder.


Since the law in Texas allow injury victims to recover compensation for both the tangible costs associated with accident-related medical care and the intangible – but very real – pain and suffering that you have experienced, it is indeed possible to recover economic damages from the at-fault party’s insurance company – provided, of course, that you hire a good personal injury attorney who can prove that the other driver’s negligence was the cause of the crash which resulted in your injuries.


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