Your Auto Accident Questions Answered

Any time that you are involved in a traffic accident, you're probably going to have some questions about your legal rights, about getting your car repaired and about dealing with the insurance company. Obviously if you've been injured the most important things you should do are firstly get the emergency medical treatment that you need, and secondly get a free consultation with an experienced North Richland Hills personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Here are some of the most common questions that car, motorcycle and truck wreck victims ask:

How do I interpret the police crash report?

In almost every traffic collision where police are called to the scene, a Texas Peace Officers Crash Report will be completed. They will have the name and address of all drivers involved in the accident, the names of their insurance companies, their policy numbers, the names of any passengers in either of the vehicles, the location the cars were towed to, the hospitals the personal injury victims were transported to, etc.

Most importantly, the report contains the investigating officer's opinion of who was at fault for causing the accident and any contributing factors. This is the first thing your attorney will look to when first investigating your case. Unfortunately, the new version of the police report only gives a code to identify the cause of the wreck, meaning you also need this police crash report sheet to find out what they determined the cause of the crash actually was.


How do I get a rental car while mine is being repaired?

Here in North Richland Hills, we depend on our vehicles to get around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so even a couple of days without one can be a major inconvenience. If you have rental car insurance with your own policy, then it is probably going to be a lot easier to have them organize a rental car for you. If not, you will have to use the negligent driver's insurance provider. Be prepared for them to drag their feet though (although having an attorney contact them on your behalf usually gets the ball rolling quicker for you). If you do end up going through your own insurance company, they can get reimbursed from the other motorist's insurance later on.

How can I get the insurance adjustor to stop bugging me?

If you were injured in your wreck, then you are entitled to compensation under Texas law. If the at-fault driver's insurance company is bugging you to settle your case early on, then that should set off a big alarm. If you haven't already consulted with a PI lawyer do so now! They want to get you to settle early before you have a chance to seek legal advice, as this means they save their company a lot of money, and meaning they'll get a bonus instead of you getting the damages you need to cover your accident-related debts. If they're pestering you to settle, that should give you a clear signal that you need to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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