Why Motorcyclists Should Take Traffic Safety Seriously

Anyone who has driven along Interstate 820 through North Richland Hills knows that it is not a pleasant experience. As the population has grown, so too has the congestion on the roads. Cars speed past 18-wheeler trucks, mixing a potentially fatal cocktail every time an accident occurs. As a Texas motorcycle wreck attorney, I know that bike riders are without question the most vulnerable motorists on NRH roads. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, there is rarely a crash where the motorcyclist does not suffer the most critical injuries.

I've been practicing personal injury and wrongful death law in North Richland Hills and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region since 1991. In that time, I've seen firsthand just how important it is that motorcyclists take every safety precaution available. In 1997, for example, the state legislature scrapped a law requiring bikers to wear a TxDOT-certified helmet at all times. Since then, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has risen sharply.

The unfortunate truth is that if you are a motorcyclist aren't focused on safety, you're in a lot of trouble. Other motorists aren't going to be looking out for you. It's become almost routine now for at-fault drivers that have pulled out in front of my biker clients to explain away their actions by saying "I just didn't see him." Of course you didn't. Because you weren't looking. The simple truth is that drivers of cars and trucks don't pay attention to other road users - specifically motorcyclists.

More often than not, it's the other driver that who's negligence resulting in the wreck, yet it's nearly always the motorcyclist who suffers the worst injuries. In a lot of cases, these are life-threatening injuries. In the worst, they are fatal.

If you or a loved one has been injured to any degree in a North Richland Hills motorcycle accident, it is imperative that you consult with a local attorney who is not only board certified in personal injury trial law, but who has 20-plus years of experience in helping injured motorcyclists get the full and fair compensation they are entitled to under Texas law. The damages you deserve will pay off your hospital bills, physical therapy and any other medical expenses you may have accumulated as a result of your injuries; reimburse you for any lost income due to your inability to work; and compensate you for the very real pain and suffering you have endured.

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