Paintball Injury Information

Paintball has recently become one of America's fastest growing "extreme sports." Paintball is usually played on a course or playing field, and if all of the proper safety precautions are taken, can be a really fun game. However, injuries from paintball guns have become a major problem. Many people get large welts on their bodies from being hit by the paintball pellets, even when wearing protective clothing.
Though welts are a problem when playing paintball, eye injuries have become the most severe and long lasting injury paintball players should be concerned about.
Ocular injuries usually occur when someone removes their protective eye gear, or does not have on a full face mask. Face masks have become the norm when playing paintball, and have been designed to withstand and protect you from the impact of the paintball pellet hitting your face. The range of eye injuries that can occur from being hit by a paintball pellet range from orbital fractures and retina separation to temporary or permanent blindness.
Paintball injuries are most often seen in young aged boys who are not supervised. Also, they are usually not wearing industry recommended safety gear that can prevent any kind of injury from happening.
In October 2010, the CPSC issued a warning about Paintball gun users after two accidental deaths occurred. The deaths happened when the valve and canister separated unexpectedly. They stated that paintball gun users "should be advised that the brass or nickel-plated valve that connects directly to the canister must not be unscrewed from the canister when removing the canister assembly from a paintball gun. This valve must stay secured and rotate with the CO2 canister."
Like most accidental injuries, paintball injuries can be prevented by following safety rules and wearing appropriate gear. If you or someone you know has been injured by a paintball gun please call PI Attorney Mark Anderson at 800-354-MARK today, for a free consultation.

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