Documenting Evidence to Prove the Effect an Injury Has on Your Life


If you have been seriously injured in a Fort Worth car crash or other accident, you are probably already painfully aware of the full extent to which your injuries will affect your life going forwards. Perhaps you’ve required extensive surgery and racked up a huge debt thanks to expensive medical bills. Perhaps you’ve had to miss several months of work, which means you’re behind on your mortgage payments and other bills. Perhaps your injuries mean you won’t be able to return to the same job you had prior to the accident. Perhaps you’ll no longer be able to participate in sports. Perhaps you can no longer do yard work, walk the dog or play with your kids…


Make no mistake; the implications of being injured in any kind of accident can be devastating.


Although making a personal injury claim for compensation cannot erase your injuries or turn back the clock, recovering the full and fair compensation owed to you according to Texas civil law can put things right to some extent. However, you will need to hire a board certified Fort Worth personal injury lawyer if you are to have the best possible chance of recovering the maximum compensation available to you.


What Can I Do?

For information on the immediate steps which should be taken after an accident, click here.


As an accident victim, you have a responsibility to keep a record of all the ways in which your injuries have affected your life. No-one else can do this for you. Your lawyer only knows what you tell them. You doctor won’t know this either – their focus is only on documenting your injuries from a medical perspective. Only you know how your injuries have affected your personal life.


As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I strongly encourage all of my clients to keep a journal documenting every way in which their injuries have impacted their life from a personal perspective. For example, if you always used to go for a bike ride on a Saturday morning but no longer can, document it. If can no longer attend an out-of-state wedding you’d expected to attend, document it. If you have to pay someone to come in and clean your home because you’re no longer capable of doing it yourself, document it.


It is also important that you document any pain that you feel throughout each day (this will also be helpful to discuss with your doctor then next time you visit them). Record the location, frequency and intensity of the pain you experience. Your journal should be a thorough record of how your injuries have affected your life. This will allow your attorney to make a successful claim for additional “loss of enjoyment of life” compensation.



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Mark A. Anderson
Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas