Don’t Get Ripped Off By The Insurance Company When Hail Damages Your Roof

Of all the extreme and adverse weather we experience here in North Texas, hail inflicts perhaps the most damage on homes and commercial properties throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Hail can cause significant damage to almost any type of roof, but the most common material to be damaged by hail storms are shingle roofs. Even smaller hail stones can erode shingles to the point where they will need to be replaced. A heavy hail falls can wear away the top granule layer of the shingle, exposing the organic-based center of the shingle. Further damage can then result to the roof due to prolonged exposure to the Sun’s UV rays.


In cases of larger hail stones – not an uncommon occurrence in the DFW region – shingles and other roofing materials can actually be shattered, pieced, punctured, or otherwise destroyed.


Hail and high winds can also cause damage to your building’s siding, gutters and fascia.


Generally, all of this damage should be covered by your home or commercial building insurance. However, in many cases the insurance company will be reluctant to pay you the full and fair damages that you are entitled to.


Remember that this is insurance you have paid for. When the insurance company denies your claim or refuses to cover the full cost of roof repairs, it is important that you hire an experienced property damage attorney to make sure your legal rights as a consumer are upheld and to force the insurance company to uphold their obligation to pay for any hail damage your building property may have suffered.


Don’t be the one property owner to have your roof replacement claim rejected by the insurance company when your neighbors have all had their claims approved. Hire a lawyer today and make sure you get your property fixed up ASAP!!


Contact the Anderson Law Firm today for a free, no obligation consultation on your hail damaged property case. Call us toll free at 800-354-6275 or locally at 817-294-1900.



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