What Can I Do If I Know I’m Being Watched By the Insurance Company?

Watched by the Insurance CompanyOne of the first things you can do if you suspect you might get spied on by the insurance company is watch what you post on your social media accounts. You should put your accounts on private and don't add anyone you don't know. Don't only monitor what you post, but monitor what your friends are tweeting or facebooking about you. Something as minor as, "Do you want to go out on the boat this weekend?" could damage your claim if an insurance adjuster sees it. If your claim could be affected even in the slightest bit by what you're about to post, don't post it and if a friend tags you in photos or writes comments that can hurt your claim, immediately delete them.

Finally, if you think you are being watched by an investigator, you should contact your lawyer immediately. There is nothing illegal about one side investigating or spying on another side. However, there are restrictions under our Texas rules that govern lawsuits, which mandate that such filming should be disclosed to the other side. You do not have to be warned about it ahead of time, but any films should be turned over during the pendency of the litigation. If a lawsuit has not been filed, but it is in the claims process, there is no duty for the insurance company to turn the pictures or video over to the claimant or the claimant's lawyer.

There is no reason to live your life in a state of paranoia.  Just go about your life and stay within your medical restrictions. You should have no problems from the insurance company.

If you or a member of your family have been injured, you should consult with a board certified trial lawyer regarding your legal rights and the compensation available to you as a result of your accident. Mark Anderson is a PI and wrongful death attorney who has been helping injury victims across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 1991. To set up your fee, no obligation consultation call 214-327-8000 in Dallas or 817-294-19000 in Fort Worth.

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